David Sumner (aka Function) has teamed up with long time colleague Ed Davenport (aka Inland) to relaunch and together run Sumner’s esteemed Infrastructure New York imprint. The label has been dormant since 2006 when Sumner put it on hold to focus his energies on Sandwell District before eventually relocating to Berlin in 2007.

Now, having let the dust settle after what turned out to be both a landmark and hugely transitional 2013 – with debut Function album, ‘Incubation’, on Ostgut Ton; the Fabric 69 Sandwell District mix CD; the start of an official monthly residency at Berghain, and signing to the mighty Ostgut Ton bookings agency – Sumner has decided that the time is now right to resurrect Infrastructure.

Having worked towards the relaunch for more than two years, Sumner already has more than a year’s worth of releases lined up for Infrastructure, with the first 12″ being the Function/Inland collaboration ‘Odeon/Rhyl’. ┬áThe first official release for what is planned to be an ongoing musical partnership, ‘Odeon/Rhyl’ sees the two producers combining glacial ambient melodies and brooding, textured techno rhythms – the A-side is a rework of Photek’s ‘Under The Palms’, with the the UK producer giving his personal blessing to the sample.

“The focus will be on melding classic ideals with a modern viewpoint, which will come across not only in the music but in the way we are structuring the release schedule: It will not only be new releases but also a healthy serving of reissue packages and licenses. The players involved in the label will be Ed, myself, Adam X, Vatican Shadow and Mark Archer (Altern8/Nexus 21), as well as appearances by Luke Slater and Marcel Dettmann. But most importantly, I am also honored to be breaking two new artists: 23 year-old classically trained, Australian outsider talent Campbell Irvine, and a very good old friend and Cocoliche resident, the Argentinian powerhouse Mariano DC.”
– David Sumner aka Function

Campbell Irvine’s debut EP ‘Removal Of The Six Armed Goddess’ will be the second release of Infrastructure’s new era, with a comprehensive retrospective album of Sumner’s previous work set to follow later in the year.


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