Fybe:one ‘Harp Remixes’

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Artist: Fybe:one9565_harp-remixes
Title: Harp Remixes
Format: Digital
Label: Shades of Grey Recordings
Release Date: 05 November 2012
01. Aeolian – Troy Gunner Remix
02. Harmonic Curve – Deft remix
03. Suffocate – Mute Speaker Remix
04. Kora – Jamie Wilder Remix
05. Enclosed – Duct Remix
06. Harmonic Curve – Capes Remix
07. Aeolian – Blacksmif Remix
08. SO WHAT – Aether Remix
09. Kora – Soosh Remix
10. Enclosed – 10 David Remix
11. So What – Chesslo Junior Remix
12. Suffocate – Warsnare remix

Shades of Grey Recordings is proud to announce the follow-up to Fybe:one’s Harp EP; a monster 12-track remix album featuring a plethora of talented producers handpicked by the man himself. From Warsnare’s raw, chunky bass to Soosh’s delicate, soothing lullabies via Blacksmif’s skittering jazz grooves, there’s masses of range here, but as Fybe says: “despite their different sounds, all these artists fit together so well”.

Artists on remix duties:

Troy Gunner – Since stealing the show at one of the first Shades of Grey club nights, this 19-year-old whippersnapper’s had releases on Mindset, L2S, Crescent, and Raised By Records, as well as remixing the likes of Gang Colours and Lost Logik. His smokey, retro-futurist take on “Aeolian” has been on heavy rotation at Shades HQ since we first heard it.

Deft – A serious force to be reckoned with, Deft effortlessly juggles styles whilst keeping a firm grip on his trademark sound. Riding high after a storming EP on Rwina, and having Maya Jane Coles choose his track Loqux & Past to kick off her DJ Kicks compilation, Deft doesn’t disappoint here, with a beautiful percussive take on ‘Harmonic Curve’; a definite highlight. He also has forthcoming material on Space Hardware featuring Om’mas Kieth, and an EP with Manni Dee on Seclusiasis.

Mute Speaker – Collaborations with vocalists and MCs, such as Genoveva, Gajah & Zackey Force Fun, and releases on his own Liquid Noise Records have highlighted Mute Speaker’s unique take on hip hop, and won him overwhelming support from Finest Ego, Urban Waves and Oh Drat.

Jamie Wilder – A relative newcomer, Wilder’s got some unbelievable production chops, dextrously twisting melodies and textures to his own ends. His sublime RJD2-meets-Fourtet take on “Kora” is a testament to this and the great things to come.

Duct – The Shades co-founder was bound to step up for a remix, and hasn’t disappointed. His subterranean synth-driven sound and near-OCD attention to detail come present and correct in his rework of “Enclosed”, made for grimy basements at 5am. Watch out for his collaboration with Owen Howells as duo Elson David, creating party vibes on their forthcoming Shades EP.

Capes – Purveyor of tight drum grooves that you can’t help nod your head to, he’s perhaps best known for “Yours”, a Fybe:one favourite which has featured on many mixes.Capes is also due to release a full EP on the Shades label in the near future – we can’t wait to hear it.

Blacksmif – With support from Giles Peterson and Mary Anne Hobbs (who calls his music “Incredibly strange & wonderful… Stunning…”), Blacksmif is tearing holes in the scene right now. He has released on Syncronicity and has forthcoming material on Space Hardware, he’s also remixed the likes of Paper Tiger and Submotion Orchestra. His use of skittering, jazzy percussion alongside sweeping synths and expertly integrated samples have secured him radio play on Xfm and much praise.

Aether – When Fybe heard Aether’s remix of Pazes’ Evaporator he knew he had to be involved in the remix album. Building dense hypnotic songs from layers of loops and off-key rhythms, Aether’s sound is one of a kind. Also check his work with AM Architect on A Pattern Language, their collaborative project.

Soosh – His delicate, dreamlike sound bears no imitation. His self-titled debut release on Jumble is a work of sheer beauty, his follow up So Far on Fremdtunes is equally lush and he now has a mimi LP coming out on Error Broadcast and a double 12″ with remixes from Shigeto, Dam Mantle and Flako on Upmyalley . Having featured on the latest Project Mooncircle compilation alongside Mike Slott, 1000 names and Sweatson Klank, and supported Dam Mantle on tour, Soosh is now busy creating a live show.

10-David – Half of the mighty DA-10, the live beat and synth masters who released The Future is Futureless EP on Wot Not. He takes a more subtle approach on his “Enclosed” remix, juxtaposing bouncy rhythms with disembodied vocal chops to create something genuinely fresh.

Chesslo Junior – Known for shaking the scene with thugged-out club bangers, man-of-the-moment Chesslo’s “So What” remix is no exception. He has remixed Deft, released on Squelch & Clap and recently produced an EP for the Wot Not label. His set for NTS radio is a perfect example of his varied hip hop-based sound.

Warsnare – A sound designer by trade, Warsnare has a totally original, partly extra-terrestrial sound constructed from off-key vocals and scattered drum patterns. He is currently remixing for Starkey’s Seclusaisis label, and has his second EP ready. His remix will blow your socks off!


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