Gabriel Ananda ‘Green’

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Artist: Gabriel AnandaBasmati-LTD01
Title: Green
Label: Basmati
Cat. # : Basmati-Ltd#01
Format: 12″ Green Vinyl & Download
Release Date: Feb., 2012
Distribution: Word and Sound / Whatpeopleplay / Beatport / Kontornewmedia

Extending our belief that music is best expressed as a complete idea, including the music and the artwork, we have created the Limited Series as a platform to release unique music, with a unique presentation. Each Limited release will be scheduled as soon as the master files reach our hands, meaning that the music will be available to our fans as soon as possible.

Each vinyl will function as its own artwork. The A-side will contain the title track, and the B-side will contain the logo of Basmati, hand drawn and etched. Each vinyl release will be named after its color, pressed on colored vinyl and strictly limited to 333 copies.


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