Gaga ‘Deep In The Jungle’

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Artist: Gaga
Title: Deep In The Jungle
Label: MKT Rec.
Cat. #: MKT026
Release  Date: September 2013
Dark Jungle
2. WMC

Summer is still open for Markantonio, he’s still on the way to brings out new ideas for his labels. Label boss is ready to show a new project on MKT Records, “Deep in the Jungle” is the name of the EP and Gaga is its producer. Gabor Szabo aka Gaga is an Hungarian DJ/Producer that started to produce his own music in 2009 and now is still active on many important labels like 1605 Music Therapy and others.

This pack includes two original own tracks of Gaga himself, first one is “Dark in The Jungle” a special techno theme composed by Balearic sounds and deep electronic sound shapes and the listener will dropped in a music vortex where he will be only able to dance.

Second track of the EP is “WMC” is the stronger track of the EP made by nasty beats and hard stabs, bassline is is the perfect surround for a gorgeous kick and perfect drum elements.

“Deep in the Jungle” is the latest example of a cool product, done for one the best labels in the scene, perfect sounds and very cool producers ready to rock the music market.

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