Garibovic ‘Thug Life EP’

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dmu002_vinylArtist: Garibovic
Title: Thug Life EP
Label: Definition:Music
Remixers: Tamer Malki & Sergio Santos, Washerman
Cat. #: DMU002
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: August 30th 2012

A1 Thug Life (Original Mix)
A2 Thug Life (Tamer Malki & Sergio Santos Remix)
B1 Thug Life (Washerman Remix)
B2 Thug Life (Definition Remix)

Garibovic is one of the hotest new starz shooting for a well deserved succes. His new ep is mostly a mixture of nudisco and electronic beats that are glued together quite nicely.

Even better, Garibovic seems great at picking not only the hottest, but best remixers around. Washerman provides a deep as can be mix that is catchy enough mix to hook nearly anyone. Prime time dancefloor magic or leather chair relaxation music, this mix is pure ice. Clean vocals, electronic bells, reverse warm pads, and echoes galore are in
great abundance throughout the track. Both a workout for your body and your mind, the mix is one of those that you can listen to at your house and not wonder when its over. In fact, I was quite dissapointed when it was over… Sergio Santos & Tamer Malki are amazingly talented at what they do, and this one only proves it more so. Many tracks appeal to one producer, but this is one of the rare ones that will appeal to everyone. Superb rhythm , sounds, and atmosphere throughout, well
worth checking out.


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