Egbert “Get The Funk EP”

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Artist: Egbert
Title: GTF EP
Label: Gem Recordings
Cat. #: GEM027
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: July 15th 2013
A1 Get The Funk
B1 Liefdesland
B2 Straktrekken

Egbert is finally back with a full EP and boy does he nail it! All three tracks are serious crowd pleasers but in their own way. From in your face big room techno through melodic anthemic tech house to water-melon-ball minimal, this EP has it all! With his album ‘Warm’ coming up in September of 2013 all eyes are on the big friendly Rotterdam giant. And he doesn’t disappoint.

Get The Funk opens the package with an infectious vocal hook, accompanied by Egbert’s signature crunchy percussion and driving wobbly bass which is guaranteed to destroy any dance floor from Amsterdam to Kazakhstan!

Liefdesland utilizes the über modern tech house bass groove we have all grown to love. Egbert keeps the tune growing until it unexpectedly opens up into a summer open air trip that will remind you of the electro summer vibes of the 80’s.

Straktrekken is the Dutch word for syncing two tracks. But forget all about pulling it tight, this track has been tried and tested all around the globe and is always a stand out. The mid naughty’s minimal vibe is back… but with balls the size of watermelons!!! This track has one of the most original riff cuts you have ever heard. Imagine a tin roof being ripped apart in a cyclone, but in a good way!

Be ready to snatch this up on vinyl and digital from July 15th!


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