Movimiento Estatico
Artist: Gemini Voice Archive
Title: Movimiento Estatico
Label: Soma Records
Release Date: 26th October, 2015
Format: Digital
Cat #: SOMA443D
01. Gemini Voice Archive –  (Original Mix)
02. Gemini Voice Archive – Geocentrica (Original Mix)
03. Gemini Voice Archive – No Retorno (Original Mix)
04. Gemini Voice Archive – Prisma (Original Mix)

The 3rd and final EP of the year from the mysterious Gemini Voice Archive rounds of what has been a blistering year for the duo. They have been slowly building their sound throught 2015 and culminates in the quality ‘Movimiento Estatico’.

A great depth is shown throughout this 4 tracker as GVA easily show skill in moving from emotive, dub infected Techno to razor sharp and pounding rhythms.


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