Gene Karz ”Rush”

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ORGA82 - Gene Karz - Rush - 300dpi
Artist: Gene Karz
Title: Rush
Label: !Organism
Release Date: 16 February, 2015
Format: Digital
Cat #: ORGA82
Gene Karz – Rush (Original Mix)
Gene Karz – Rush (Ricardo Garduno Remix)
Gene Karz – Shot (Original Mix)

Gene Karz is an !Organism regular and has a couple of EPs coming on the Swiss powerhouse by the end of the year. The first is Rush, a searing EP featuring two originals and a remix from Ricardo Garduno.

Karz has only been active since 2008, but his hard techno style has shot him to the top of the pile. He is one of the most famous techno exports from his native Belarus and releases on this label as well as many other acclaimed outlets. This latest EP is a testament to his ability to craft various different moods within the techno framework.

Opening up the strong EP is ‘Rush’, a subtle and cerebral cut. It has a firmly rooted techno groove down below, but some gurgling synths and chattery claps add all sorts of tension. With some key breakdowns that allow the tension to grow, it then kicks again like a mule.

This one gets remixed by Ricardo Garduno, a Mexico producer who is well known in techno circles for his output on a range of top labels, as well as for his own outlet, Illegal Alien Records. His take on ‘Rush’ is a stupid back and spun tingling affair with were pads, smooth and serene pads and a rippling sense of bass that slowly but surely sweep you up.

Lastly, ‘Shot’ rumbles along an industrial landscape with buzzing textures, incendiary kicks and whip-snapping synths all dancing around some alien vocals.

Once again here Gene Karz serves up some exquisite no nonsense techno that cannot fail to work for both DJs and dancers.


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