med006Artists: George Apergis Vs. Alex Retsis
Title: Minthe
Remixers: Dave Tarrida, Lee Holman, Dez
Label: Modular Expansion Records
Format: Digital
Cat. #: MED006
Release Date: February 28th, 2014
Distribution: D.B.H. – Music
1. Minthe
2. Minthe (Dave Tarrida Remix)
3. Minthe (Lee Holman Remix)
4. Minthe (Dez Remix)

Once again, from the depths of the Athenian Underground Techno scene, “Minthe” emerges as the second collaborative release of George Apergis (owner of Modular Expansion records) and Alex Retsis’ (owner of Anthropos- Mekhane records).

“Minthe” was a Nymph in the Greek mythology, and ancient sources specifically classify Minthe, as a Naiad or water Nymph. George Apergis & Alex Retsis inspired by the otherworldly mythology, sculpted Minthe into a power-drive, mixing oldschool vibes with club elements.

The release comes action-packed with three additional remixes. The first one comes from Dave Tarrida and it elevates “Minthe” into an exciting house/dub territory. The second one is from Lee Holman and transforms “Minthe” into a dark minimal pounder. The 3rd remix comes from Dez, who envisions “Minthe” through a harder industrial approach, and influences of glitch.



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