Georgi Barrel Interview

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– So what have you been up to? How was the past year for you from a musical perspective?
I have been pretty busy! I’ve got some releases and remixes coming up on sinnmusik* as well as on Big Bait Records so I’m quite excited about the upcoming months. Looking back, the last year was very productive. I managed to round up a few solid releases and got to join the sinnmusik* crew in Barcelona for their second anniversary which was a lot of fun.

– How is your sound developing recently? Who’s been massively influential for you recently?
My sound is always changing and evolving, through the use of new gear or the people I collaborate with. Influencing me are the boys who I make music with in my hometown as well as the peeps from sinnmusik* and the Bit Bait Crew.

– So where did you grow up and what was it like?
In a Small village near Kassel, Germany. It was kind of sheltered from the big hassle and bustle from bigger cities… :-)

– This release seems very indebted to deep house. Who influence the making of it? And is that the genre you most closely identify yourself with?
Most of the stuff you could call “deep“ or whatever pigeon-hole there is for it. I honestly don’t feel restricted to any genre but am more trying to focus on making particularly crafty sounds.

– So talk us through how you know the chaps at sinnmusik*? Have they really helped you in fostering your career?
We met in 2013 and I released my first ever Vinyl on sinnmusik* and ever since then we have been pretty tight. Just recently (2 weeks ago) I had sinnmusik* main man Adrian over in Kassel for my ‘DOWN’ EP release party at the ARM, giving us the chance to lay down some beats together and last year I also joined them for their 2-year anniversary in Barcelona (
I think having a label or labels supporting your music and believing in your sound helps you foster your career and really motivates you to spend more time in the studio as well as behind the decks.

– What was the general vibe that you were searching for with this release?
I wanted to make some clubby jams for late night dance floors. Using different kinds of synth sounds, open hats and peaky claps carefully arranged and influenced by the darker side of Barcelona’s underground music jams.

– There’s some really cool remixes on this one. Do you have a favourite?
To be honest I can’t name a favourite, as all of them are classy with totally different hooks and sounds.

– Was producing this EP challenging then?
Every production is always challenging in its own ways but in this case cleaning the mixdown was definitely the hardest task.

– Would you ever consider starting your own label? Or what else takes up your time away from music?
I’m not planning on starting my own label any time soon and apart from music and more music I’m still finishing my studies in Architecture.

– How’s your DJing going at the moment? Do you devote as much time to DJing as producing?
Not at all. I would love to dedicate more time behind the decks but currently I’m focusing on jamming on all my recently acquired analogue gear.

– What constitutes a success for you release wise? Charts? Sales? Recognition?
The free Mastering of my tracks mostly…! Charts and sales don’t really mean much to me as it does to labels but it’s always nice to see bigger names supporting your own productions.

– And finally, who would you love to work with that you haven’t already?

Way too many interesting and talented people out there to pin one down…

Interview by James Hopkins

Georgi Barrel’s Down (with remixes by Adrian, Fasika and Whedler) is out now on sinnmusik*. Check out the EP here:


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