Steinklopfer “Some Melodies”

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After the big release “I Never Did It” published many months ago, Steinklopfer appears again on Ghosthall with “Some Melodies”, a four tracker that shows the evolution of his style.
“Fluffiness” and “Glitter” feature the essential elements used by the producer, like the crackling surrounding sounds and the ethereal melodies; but the true innovation is carried with “Turning” with its essential drums and magic vocals, but “There Is A Little Chance Everything Might Happen” is a real gem, the broken beat and IDM rhythms combined with the Nadine Carina’s vocals create a mystical scenario.

Ghosthall – October 24th 2016
Fluffiness (Original Mix)
Turning feat. Amire (Original Mix)
Glitter (Original Mix)
There Is A Little Chance Everything Might Happen feat. Nadine Carina (Original Mix)


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