Beacon “L1”

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Artists: BeaconGI–225
Title: L1
Label: Ghostly International
Remixer: Dauwd
Cat. #: GI–225
Formats: Digital, vinyl 12″
Release Date: December 2nd 2014
1. Fault Lines
2. L1
3. Minor Structures
4. Better Love
5. Only Us
Fault Lines (Dauwd Remix)

Brooklyn based duo Beacon show their superb music production technique with “L1” on Ghostly International.
Ranging from Pop, R&B and Footwork-like rhythms, they have been able to insert nice vocals alongside to pitched up music structures, getting cool and sometimes intense vibes.
The listening session goes intense following the tracklist, and when we arrive to “Minor Structures” we can only notice that it represents as it best what we noticed before.
“Better Love” is a very good braking line theme which detaches by the style used..
That’s quite atypical stuff!

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