Lord RAJA “A Constant Moth”

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Artist: GI226Lord RAJA
Title: A Constant Moth
Label: Ghostly International
Cat. #: GI226
Formats: Vinyl, CD, digital
Release Date: December 2nd 2014
01. Yelleo E
02. Van Go feat. Jeremiah Jae
03. Pistol Refix
04. Darwin
05. TV Talk
06. Gottfried Semper
07. Skyre
08. Throw Them Out (System)
09. De Lia Lu Lu
10. Red Sun
11. Black Top
12. Golden Gravity Birds

Chester Raj Anand’s a.k.a. Lord RAJA shows the production skills of the US producer, it can be recognized that the artist basics come from hip hop (“Darwin” is an example) but he has been able to move forward it exploring footwork and ambient. The entire piece is good, and some innovative things have been already introduced, Lord RAJA is another guy to keep under the radar, will he be able to improve himself?

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