Gianni Pellecchia ‘Bautista’

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BAUNS011Artist: Gianni Pellecchia
Title: Bautista
Label: Bauns Music
Release Date: 11.06.12
Cat. #: BAUNS011

Bauns Music still preserve the spirit of techno pioneers in the South Italy, this time with its owner Gianni Pellecchia.
Gianni is an expert producer from Naples, already known for his famous debut on Loose Records in 2006 and of course for his work on Dubfire’s SCI+TEC and Claque Musique. So the Label Boss brings out a nice project of 3 tracks plus a remix of Dutch producer David Labeij, well known for his works like Shakedown EP on Shinedoe’s Intacto imprint.
“Goofy Dog” is made by a deep kick, soft hi hats in upbeat and by an intrinsic arpeggio that goes fluid on the frame of the track. Various vocal effects and essential sounds for a nice Minimal trail of course.
“Goofy Dog” David Labeij remix has got an Minimal mood. Hi hats are heavier, a synth runs in background and everything is filled by mixed vocal tricks.
“Touchable” has a pumping mood, with rides swarm that run on an elastic kick surrounded by a warm bassline. The minimal synth gives a nice touch to this groovy Tech – House track.
Vanguard vibes and lot of electronic influences in “El Numero”, funky bassline and rolling synth are the main theme of tune. Filtered entries coming up to give the break waiting the rolling synth restart, good Techno stuff. Masterly work from Gianni Pellecchia, absolutely an innovative sound, rich of new electronic school influences. Bauns Music did another step forward in Techno scene.


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