Giorgia Angiuli Interview

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– How’s your day been so far?
Great actually. I’m in Berlin producing my new EP for Einmusika Recordings, so I’m sort of alternating between the studio and sightseeing. And of course there are some excursions at night, but I would define this as ‘clubseeing’!

– What was the first track you listened to this morning?
Erik Satie – Gnossiennes No.1.

– Away from the club and the studio, do you tend to listen to a lot of electronic music? Do you think it’s important to give your ears a rest from 4/4 from time to time?
I don’t listen to a lot of electronic music actually. Most of the time I listen to classical music. To be honest I usually don’t listen to a lot of music, maybe that’s why I could never be a DJ.

– Are you permanently based in Italy? Do you find yourself traveling a lot these days?
I’m Italian, based in Florence, but I travel a lot for my gigs. These days, for example, I’m in Berlin, next week Erfurt and Leipzig and then Zurich. Let’s say I don’t miss the travelling.

– Do you find that you’re still very much inspired by your home country? Or have you sort of seen it and done it all in Italy?
For sure my home country has inspired me. I think Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world but I don’t think I will live there forever. Right now I’m dreaming about spending some time in South America or Asia.

– So where are your favourite places to chill, eat and play in Italy?
When I come back to my region, Puglia, I find excellent food, wonderful sea, and great promoters like Stefano Brescia. I often play at his parties such as Φύση. On the way back to Florence I generally stop in Rome, where I play at Lanificio, another amazing location. Near Florence, I love playing in Cecina at Tini’ Soundgarden – this club is also near the sea and is really great.

– And what is the best thing about where you’re from? And the worst?
I come from the South of Italy, a small city called Monopoli. Then I moved to Florence to study at the university. I really love the beauty of the town, the seaside, the food and the friendly people but I can’t stand the prejudices, which is typical of a small town.

– Italy country seems to be enjoying a real house music renaissance of late, but a lot of Italians seem to think the promoters are far too obsessed with international DJs and don’t give local guys a chance. Is that fair to say do you think?
I totally agree and it’s very frustrating that in Italy they give no space for new projects. Promoters are obsessed by international DJs and they always always the same artists. I like open minded organizers that take the risk.

– So who inspired you before you came on the scene? Was it mainly foreign artists or Italian guys too?
Bjork, Fever Ray, Ellen Allien, Radiohead, Apparat, Arvo Part…those kind of guys.

– When did you start DJing? Do you remember your first gig? What was that like?
I only play live sets only I started 8 years ago with a melodic pop project Metùo. Then I had 3 years on Bpitch Control with the project, We Love. 2 years ago I started my solo project, Giorgia Angiuli, with the residence at Tenax Club in Florence.

– And when did you become a professional producer? Was it a decision you took over time or something that you just felt you had to do one day?
When I signed my first contract with Bpitch Control, one of my favorite labels during that period and one that helped me a lot.

– Can you tell me a bit about your latest release?
In the last year I released tracks on KMS Records, Wow Recordings, Homecoming Music, Harry Klein Records and I made some nice collaboration with Raw District on Crosstown Rebels, Souvenir Music and Labyrinth.

– What are you favourite 5 top tracks?
Fever Ray – Keep the streets empty for me
Radiohead – Idioteque
Mathew Jonson – Marionette
Ben Klock – Subzero
Erik Satie – Gymnopedie

– And what’s the track that’s guaranteed to make you cry?
Deftones – Lotion

– And make you smile?
Noze – You have to dance

Interview by Ian Fleming

Luca Bear & Giorgia Angiuli’s New Mission EP is out now on WOW! Records


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