Artist: Giorgio Gigli, Obtanezooloft001
Title: A Sad Wandering Dreamer Trapped In Contemporary Memory Architectures
Remix: Orphx
Format: 12″
Label: Zooloft
Cat. #: ZOOLOFT00I
Release Date: February 15th, 2012
Distribution: Boomkat
A. Theory of Radical Structures
B1. Theory of Radical Structures (Orphx remix)
B2. Patterns of Behavior

ZOOLOFT RECORDS is approaching to the era of future tech-noir and this release is the result of an internal process of thoughts and ideas behind them. It tells the story of a sad wanderer who is trying
to fi nd the path to personal truth. Outside, a desolate scenario of modern architectures of cold glass, standing to the edge of horizon. A wonderland of mirrors and empty landscapes: the triumph of solitude.

The A side starts with a complex and claustrophobic Dark-Techno driver which sets a point of no-return. An obsessive pattern of sub-frequencies collides with breaths from the beyond. Sound paranoia.
The highest frequencies create phrenetic and compulsive rhythms to make the dynamics imploding.

The heroes of modern-age Industrial Techno, Orphx, make the path to truth harder. They trace an obscure reinterpretation of the A side with a percussive alarm that marks the time, while dense and anxious atmospheres are followed by syncopated beats and distorted high-frequencies. The breaths
from the beyond are now closer than ever.

The EP gets closed by an evocative, thoughtful and beatless composition. The perfect soundtrack for those who are wandering and wondering.


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