Artists: Giorgio Gigli & Obtane
Title: Perception Through Dissonance
Remixers: Rrose
Label: Prosthetic Pressings
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: PP039
Release Date: September 16th (Vinyl), November 2nd (Digital), 2013
Distribution: DBH (Vinyl), Selfdistribution (Digital)
A1. Industrial Assaults
B1. Industrial Assaults (Rrose Remix)
B2. Ambient Drama

Perception Through Dissonance features a collaboration project from Giorgio Gigli and Obtane, owners of Zooloft records, an Italian based record label best known for their conceptual noir style interpretations of today’s electronic music.

Each production is filled with deep philosophical undertones creating a very nostalgic experience. This release also features a remix from the illusive stateside artist Rrose, manifested from the late iconic record label, Sandwell District. His off the wall Marcel Duchamp style performances and multifaceted productions are now released on his own imprint, Eaux, and shows no signs of slowing down.

This three cut journey starts with “Industrial Assaults” showcases a circadian rhythm style production reminiscent of an old John Carpenter film filled with scattered decaying elements, unearthly soundscapes and brutal baselines. Next in line is Rrose’s interpretation of “Industrial Assaults” which highlights deconstructed elements, warping aquatic molecules and erratic eccentric builds. Ending our journey is an experimental tool that embraces the feeling of solitariness in some alien landscape playing true to the name “Ambient Drama”.



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