Giuseppe Cennamo Interview

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Hi Giuseppe and welcome to Different Grooves!
Hello guys! Thank you

In January you put 5 tracks in free download on your Soundcloud profile. What can you tell us about this stuff?

I had the idea to share this music for free. In those days also the download of digital music is in crisis, so I decide to post it for a free download.

Which are the biggest satisfactions you get from music in terms of production, editing techniques and labels that publish your tracks?
Well…one of my best moments was at closing Amnesia in 2010 when Loco Dice played as first track Imprints in My Mind. Was the best emotional moment for me, was a great year on the Island and be a part of it was amazing.

I released a lots of music, and all my tracks are special for me, but for sure the Eps on Desolat and 8bit were my favourite.

Your electronic music roots and backgrounds are not well known, what can you tell us about these? Which artists, music styles and parties influeced you mostly?
I grow up as a Real Clubber since 1998, so my artists and djs in this period were all the Americans. After I start to play in some small clubs like resident in Naples and after few years I start to produce music…and here I am 😉

How Carillon Records is going on? Why did you choose to start this project and what do you expect from your label in the future?
Carillon was a great part of my life and I had a lot of satisfaction to release cool music and cool producer, and for the moment is in stand by, waiting to understand the best way to move in this strange period for house music.

You’re ready to be part of the Different Grooves On Air featured artists, what can you tell us about the podcast you recorded?
I prepared it few nights ago. I didn’t plan any tracks, but I only played what I think is the best music now. But you know in 1 hour is hard to explain what I want and what I feel.

Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?
I’m waiting some response from two important labels…don’t wanna talk about this a lot until I’m sure! You know how is the game 😉

Thanks for the time you spent for the interview and good luck!
Thanks you for this space, and congrats for your nice work. Ciao!


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