Glitterbug ‘Cancerboy’

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Artist: Glitterbugcsides09
Title: Cancerboy
Label: c.sides Label
Cat. #: c.sides009CD
Format: CD, LP, Digital (Album)
Release Date: May 7, 2012
Distribution: Kompakt (worldwide)
01 Backwards
02 To Guess
03 Abyss
04 Undertow
05 Passages
06 Those Hopeful Moments 07 Don’t Stop
08 From Here On
09 Dragged Along
10 Outside My Window
11 We’ll Still Be Here Tomorrow

Glitterbug’s albums, releases and remixes for respected labels such as Mule, Nowtown, Ghostly and Ki Records have long placed him in a musical and artistic category of his own. He is a timeless, skillful and daring producer who remains immune to hypes and flavor of the week sub-genre labels. Be it deep techno, remixing, ambient works, writing music for films or audio-visual installations, his musical language always resonates with a film score-like, visual approach. Glitterbug’s third album Cancerboy is another milestone piece of work for the Cologne based producer, conjoining powerful musical expression with heavy content. Set for a May 7, 2012 release on his label C.Sides, Cancerboy is an intimate autobiographical journey investigating one of the major experiences that shaped his life: his childhood struggle with cancer. Cancerboy is a private chronicle of battles won and struggles lost, a sound-log suspended in an in-between world.
It is an album on the edge of consciousness. Faraway reverbs and analog roughness gain presence, and forward strides an unreserved sound; candid, direct and near. The music allows itself to be angry and desperate, to battle and retreat, to challenge and gall. Yet within all its darkness are driving, hopeful moments that shine bright – celebrating a deep love of life. “I spent large parts of my childhood in hospitals, voyaging through the strange [and at that time experimental] world of radiation and chemotherapy, suspended in the twilight zone between hope and death, and a medically declared chance of survival close to zero. Those experiences deeply shaped me, and the way I relate to the world, and over the years I felt a growing need to approach this topic through my music. So came about Cancerboy, an album about cancer, bitter struggles, desperation, hope, anger, sickness, and at the same time, a fervent love and deep appreciation of life.” – (Glitterbug)
Glitterbug is a composer, producer, DJ, artist and curator, standing tall in all musical genres he puts his fingers on. He draws from the manifold of his social and global experiences to bring substantial content to his delicate sounds. With masterful production and greatest attention to broadened frequency and smallest detail, he has managed to create unique audio landscapes; sonic experiences, emotive and powerful. It’s his unique, heartfelt and artistic approach to club music that won him international praise, breaking definitions and expanding borders; His live- sets are an analogue prodigious fest; profuse sounds envelop the dance- floor, defined and intense, building moments of abyssal melancholia and points of ecstatic rapture. His long-established collaboration with Israeli visual artist Ronni Shendar, has become an indivisible element of his performance; creating a cinematic, stirring and encompassing experience.


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