Artist: Various
Title: Gooseneck VA Compilation Vol. 1
Label: Gooseneck Records
Cat. #: GNR035
Format: Digital
Release Date: March 25th 2013
01. Marco Darko – Any Kind of Fun (Original Mix)
02. Andre Salmon – Resist (Original Mix)
03. Troncoso, Submuller – Treehouse Party (Original Mix)
04. Igluu – Step Back (Original Mix)
05. Thomas De Lorenzo – Be My Gal (Original Mix)
06. Dakin Auret – Watch Me Move (Original Mix)
07. The Wize Guys – Our Way (Original Mix)
08. Zuckre – Your Dark Sexy Thing (Original Mix)
09. Paul Stott – Damn (Original Mix)
10. Denis Yashin – The Only One (Original Mix)
11. Delia Ros, Pollo – Life’s a Party (Original Mix)
12. Real Nice – Something for the Club (Original Mix)
13. DomSamba – Make Time (Original Mix)
14. Moyu – Tango Stone (Original Mix)
15. Tainted Souls – Boy (Original Mix)
16. Cerule – Before I Go to Sleep (Original Mix)
17. Chucki Moon – Illusive (Original Mix)
18. Alejandro Romero – Subliminal Verses (Original Mix)

Gooseneck Records have compiled their first every compilation, due for release in March and showcasing artists like Marco Darko, Dakin Auret, Thomas De Lorenzo, Zuckre, Paul Stott and Denis Yashin and their many different musical styles across 18 tracks.

Gooseneck Records is the brainchild of Alistair Gillespie and came about as a result of almost 10 years of DJing throughout South America. Initially started in Los Angeles and now based out of Sao Paulo, the label kicked off in 2010 with a unique take on deep and Chicago inflected house, and now has taken a turn to a more modern sound that leans on indie house and disco. Having a span of artists that covers every continent on the planet, Gooseneck is constantly on the look out for new and emerging talent, and this Various Artists compilation is a clear example of that.

It all kicks off with Marco Darko’s ‘Any Kind Of Fun’, a nice loose opener with a bulbous bassline and plenty of louche percussive energy. From there, the likes of Igluu touches on woozy, downbeat house that works you into an afterparty styled trance, Paul Scott lays down some killer bouncy basslines and nicely slapping kick drums and Thomas de Lorenzo strips things back to a deep tech mood where snares hang free in big open spaces and scanning synths look to the future as a molten bassline rises up and down through the mix.

Dakin Auret’s contribution is a tight and bobbling house number driven by a simple but effective bassline and Moyu ups the tempos with his scraping garage like percussion and big rubbery kick drums.

All in all there is plenty to love about the many different shades of house that Gooseneck offer up, with plenty of dancefloor dynamite sure to make it into the bags of the wisest DJs.


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