Ital “Toxic Work Environment”

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Forthcoming on Gang Of Ducks “Toxic Work Environment”, a release filled with modern and futuristic techno tracks produced by Ital, who shares a paranoic state of mind with “Syndrome”, an introspective thought on “Toxic Work Environment“, and finally melancholic and depressed visions on “Canker Sore”.
“The Citadel” is the only non 4/4 production, where soft pads and ambient sounds create a magical world that get fastly invaded by the alien and industrial rework made by the unknown G.O.D. .

Gang Of Ducks – June 1st 2015
01. Syndrome
02. Toxic Work Environment
03. Canker Sore
04. The Citadel
05. The Citadel (G.O.D. Rework)

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