Gotshell ‘The Old World EP’

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Artist: Gotshell
Title: The Old World EP
Label: Epmmusic
Format: Digital Download
Cat. #: EPM56
Release Date: 13 October 2017
1. Aswan
2. Fayum
3. Coptos

Making his EPMmusic debut in October is Columbia’s Gotshell with ‘The Old World EP’.

Gotshell is a mysterious deep sound producer, formed in the dark and cold nights of Colombia’s Pereira. Delivering simple, straightforward, stripped down, cavernous techno without hype or fanfare, Gotshell has appeared on labels including Blueprint, Planet Rhythm, Nachtstrom Schallplatten and Detroit Underground.

Delivering three tracks of raw, uncompromising and hypnotic techno, Gotshell’s ‘The Old World’ EP takes us from the darkly stomping ‘Aswan’ with its swerving keys and punchy bass, via the deep, layered sweeps of ‘Fayum’, before the intense drone and unrestrained power of ‘Coptos’.


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