Artists: Blond:ish feat. Thomas Gandey
Title: Voyeur Remixes
Label: Get Physical
Remixers: Alex Niggemann, Jay Shepard & Martin Dawson
Cat. #: GPM222
Format: Digital
Release Date: April 17th 2013
1. Voyeur (Alex Niggemann Remix)
2. Voyeur (Jay Shepard & Martin Dawson Remix)
3. Voyeur (Acapella)

Last year the up-and-coming duo Blond:ish dropped the ‘Strange Attractions EP’ on us, and we were blown away. One of the two tracks was ‘Voyeur’, a sweet n’ deep blend of boogie the girls made featuring Thomas Gandey. It became in instant sensation and thoughts of remixes quickly spread. Now we are proud to announce we have collected the best of the best and they are ready for your player.

Alex Niggemann takes his remix to darker places, adding an acid-house touch to the bassline and dipping the percussion in an industrial sauce. A deep track worthy of heated dancefloors.

Jay Shepheard teamed up with Martin Dawson for a very groovy remix of ‘Voyeur’, incorporating solid percussion, thick bass and rhythmic vocal cuts. Martin died last November, a tragic loss and a reminder of how fragile we really are. Even though he is not physically with us, his work will continue to bring dancefloors to a boil.

And for those who fancy the call of creativity, we’ve included the accapella for your mixing/remixing/editing/playing pleasure!

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