Artist: George Morel
Title: Let’s Groove (2013 Remixes)
Label: Get Physical
Remixers: Claptone, DJ T., Coyu, Tom Trago, PBR Streetgand
Cat. #: GPM238
Format: Digital
Release Date: June 10th 2013
1. Let’s Groove (Refreshed Original Mix)
2. Let’s Groove (Claptone Remix)
3. Let’s Groove (DJ T. Remix)
4. Let’s Groove (Coyu Remix)
5. Let’s Groove (Tom Trago Remix)
6. Let’s Groove (PBR Streetgand Diskomiks)
7. Let’s Groove (George Morel Remix)
8. Let’s Groove (Refreshed Original Mix – Radio Edit)
9. Let’s Groove (George Morel Remix – Radio Edit)

George Morel broke new ground with his iconic track ‚Let’s Groove’ – defining a genre and a moment with his sound – a feat achieved by only a precious few.

That was in 1992 – when techno & house was the new kid on the block. Now, 21 (!) years later we revisit this colossal track and fit it with some remixes, including one from the man himself. 

Tom Trago, Claptone, Coyu and DJ T. and PBR Streetgang all take on the dinosaur and give it a new breath of life in 2013.

The results are amazing, and even more so when we reflect on all that came between. An entire lifetime of music and celebration lead up to this point, and will continue long after – after all, it is the spirit of the music which never really dies.

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