Mantu “Artbridge”

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gpm256Artist: Mantu
Title: Artbridge
Label: Get Physical
Remixers: Philip Bader, Habischman
Cat. #: GPM256
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 16th 2013
1. Artbridge (Original Mix)
2. Artbridge (Philip Bader Remix)
3. Artbridge (Habischman Remix)

Formerly the A&R of Get Physical Music, and now with his own label ‘With Compliments’ ready to go, MANTU makes his Get Physical debut with his “Artbridge” EP, bringing Philip Bader and Habischman along for the ride.

The Original Mix boasts a playful bassline thrown under a driving percussion, pushing the limits and crossing genre borders to create a uniquely funky vibe that creeps into your mind.

Philip Bader takes things deeper and turn us the intensity with his remix. Bigger percussion and addition elements create a powerhouse track that gets your heart pumping.

Habischman takes his remix into an atmospheric direction, with heavy basslines hitting the floor next to deep kicks. Edgy snyths rise to achieve a distinctly late-night feel, completing the EP in the right mood and making us hungry for more.


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