Kessell “Graviton”

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Artist: Kessell
Title: Graviton
Label: Granulart Recordins
Remixer: Substance
Cat. #: GR001
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: July 2013
Distribution: Triplevision
A1 Graviton (Original Mix)
A2 Sphere of Influence (Original Mix)
B1 Graviton (Substance Remix)
B2 Sphere of Influence (Substance Remix)

Here is *Granulart Recordings* a new Physical / Digital label focused on the deepest side of techno with dub influences and classic Detroit sound.

A seal where precision and musicality occur hand in hand with the intention of creating timeless pieces, outside the passage of time, sounds you can enjoy as a delicatessen over the years.

We intend that our releases last in your record collection alongside the best and that?s why we care for the sound and appealing to detail to offer the highest quality.

This time we start with *Kessel*, alter ego of Valentin Corujo, label creator and half of the *Exium* duo, exploring in the most liquid of its sonic palette to offer two original songs heavily influenced by the electronic dub of mythical labels as * Basic Channel* or Chain Reaction.
Smoky music, relaxed beats, dense soundscapes, echoes and reverberations.

*Graviton* begins with extensive deep rhythms,sharp hats and opaque subwoofer workout. Liquid and smoky environments based on chords and drones are added to the rhythm filling the space, creating sense of samplitude and making a delightful journey thru sound.

*Sphere of influence *shares similar parameters, this time on a slower tempo deconstructed and abstract and more content. Again chords, delays and environments are essential to creating that sense of density that makes it suitable for both club listening to detailed private enjoyment.

*DJ Pete* aka *Substance*, a key part of the Berlin techno scene, as part of the Hard Wax team handles the remixes, repeating the sentiment of the original versions, providing a personal touch, dark and rugged, while still being deep space influenced.

Each of the pieces in this album are indispensable when it comes to perceive the concept and each contributes to the whole pack creating a style that will stand the benchmark.


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