Greenville Massive ‘Rewind EP’

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rcm_b_002_loresArtist: Greenville Massive
Title: Rewind EP
Label: Rhythm Cult
Cat. #: RCM002
Release Date: 04.08.2014
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Distribution: Prime & mn2s
A1. Rewind feat. Michelle Bee
B1. Mind
B2. Better

Exceptional taste and sound is an ideal that Rhythm Cult embodies and is at the core of the label’s mission. With its first release bringing an eclectic group of electronic tracks, the second release raises the standard even higher. This time Danish duo Jesper Larsen and Simon Knøsgaard aka Greenville, drop three original works of high standard house sounds. Known for their signature style, sitting between deep and tech house, the two tend to rely heavily on a melancholic vibe in their work. Rewind EP is just that, a flawless ode to their carefully honed sound through years of exploration. A cosmic ride of relaxed and charismatic electronic music, Rhythm Cult’s second number is mature and oozes delightful soundscapes.

With work already on labels like Initials, Tenth Circle and the success of their Autumn single for the legendary Defected In The House, we hear the next chapter of their artistic vision inside the studio. Rewind begins that journey, as serene vocals and simplicity make this one bright for the ears. Featuring the stunning vocals of Michelle Bee, Rewind is one to be heard across all sunset parties and early club sets. A simple melody is punched out on soothing keys as jazzy percussion lays a think layer of warmth and class to the arrange. A little more on the tech side of the fence with a bouncy beat and of course melodic frequencies at every turn, Mind combines tasteful sampling with a refreshingly smooth atmosphere.

The final track of the EP, Better, is a full plunge into Greenville’s signature style. Harmonic strings add depth and drama to the fluttering notes and percussion patterns. One track to truly get lost in, its mood soaks the listener into utter deep bliss. Utilizing the core sounds of the track to their fullest, the simplicity in design almost makes Better that much better. Nurturing new talent and brining works of art to its fullest potential is that of Rhythm Cult’s mission. Diversity and the ability to foster an identified pattern of upfront electronic sounds, the label makes a big mark with its second release. As Greenville Massive prepare to head back to Berlin and begin their studio work once more, Rhythm Cult scours the globe to find the next beacon of talent in this big rhythm cult we call life

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