Groovestyle ‘Freedom Train’

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CMC187Artist: Groovestyle
Title: Freedom Train
Remixer: Derrick Carter, Rob Mello
Vinyl Release: 10th Dec
Digital Release : 28th Jan
Label: Classic Music Company
Cat. #: CMC187
Release Date: Dec 10, 2012

“I first heard this track played by the legendary Huggy from Back to Basics in Leeds. I remember being stood at the bar at Space, Bar Rumba with Kenny (Hawkes)…We were mid-conversation and I remember him stopping mid flow and literally running to the DJ booth.

Now Kenny wasn’t one for making public displays of excitement, and to be honest, I think this was the only time I ever witnessed it. But it floored him. He raved and raved on about it. Bought copies for me, and himself, over and over. I personally think it was the record that defined his sound and his style and sent him off on a mission…And the train sounds, well, those that knew him, knew what that led to……

It was his signature and his sound, and if there is one record that both Derrick and myself couldn’t be more honoured to re-release as a testament to his legacy, a record that defined Kenny as a DJ, and a record that keeps that light shining, then it’s this one. Viva the Dark Lord.”

Luke Solomon

Groovestyle ‘Freedom Train’ (D Boogies 4 Change) by Classic Music Company


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