Artist: Grünbox & Nadja Lind
Title: High Heels Trap
Label: Lucidflow
Remixer: Helmut Ebritsch
Cat. #: LF038
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 12th 2012
1. High Heels Trap
2. High Heels Trap (Helmuts Table Dance)
3. Shy Downtown

I know I am meant to say wonderfully positive things like “Lucidflow is going from strength to strength” / ”this release grants the power of invisibility to the listener” but you just can’t escape the facts; these three slices of audio are foot tappingly infectious and you’d be BARMY not to check them out. Hand on heart honesty.
Lucidflow’s resident ball of energy—and one half of the executive Lucidflow overlords that areKlartraum—Nadja Lind teams up with Argentinian Grunbox, whose credentials stretch to highly regarded imprints like Desolat and Traum, on a two tracker full of shimmy and  shake.
High Heels Trap sports a bassline which feels like the aural equivalent of trying to grip hold of a wet and greasy bar of soap. It playfully slips and slides between the beats, refusing to be tied down, providing the perfect contextual partner for the sharp staccato chord stabs.
Grunbox’s South American roots really shine through on Shy Downtown; the organic—yet tweezer precise—percussion, along with the little flecks of jazz, is reminiscent of the output you’d associate with messrs Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos. Everything is satisfyingly gelled together with a rumbling bass tumble.
Not wanting to miss out on all the fun, Klartraum’s other expert button pusher, Helmut Ebritsch, chips in with the final piece of the puzzle; a stripped back interpretation of High Heels Trap, as viewed from the eyes of a robo-Jazz quartet, all electro-double bass and percussive swing.
Come along and let us ensnare you in our trap.


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