Artist: Sean Collier
Title: Great Stuff Grooves Vol. 8
Label: Great Stuff Recordings
Cat. #: GSR206
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 16th 2013
1. Corduroy Pillow (Original Mix)
2. Felina (Original Mix)

After releasing dance floor devastating tracks for Intacto and KD Music we are excited to wel-come the Toronto based Sean Collier on Great Stuff. Collier presents two relentlessly grooving modern techno tracks in the form of Great Stuff Grooves Vol. 8.

Track number one “Corduroy Pillow” finds Collier in top form. Monotone percussions, incessant, pumping bass with hypnotizing FX and haunting but full of funk vocals make this track a peak time sure shot.

The rhythm programming of “Felina” is in a way more playful but just as intense. The snappy beats and percussive sound patterns accentuate the ghostly vibe of the track perfectly. The overall energy of this track will make it a highly effective weapon for any dance floor combat that might await.

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