Artist: Gubatz / Van BonnTelrae_010
Title: Marathon / Burnout
Label: Telrae
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: Telrae 010
Release Date: Vinyl: 14. February 2012 | Digital: 07. March 2012
A. Marathon
B. Burnout
Digtal 3. Marathon (Dublicator’s “Long-distance” Dub)
Digital 4. Marathon (Octex remix)
For Telrae 010 Stefan Gubatz teamed up with Van Bonn.
The a side track „Marathon” reflects on the more up-tempo beat tracks on Telrae. It starts where Stefan’s „Transistor” ended, keeps a tight beat but its crunchy chords erupt like lava in a bowl of milk.
The flipside track „Burnout” works with a heavy pounding bassline but is defined by a rather airy, ambient like soundscape with many modulations and a „broken” tricky beat.
The two deep remixes on the digital side come from Dublicator and Octex.
Dublicator is more on the smooth and deep site, whereas Octex’s remix starts abstract and changes in to a flour to the floor beat.


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