Guy J ‘Lost & Found’

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LF001_rszdArtist: Guy J
Title: Lost & Found
Label: Lost & found
Remixers: Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z
Cat. #: LF001
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 23rd 2012

1. Lost & Found (Original Mix)
2. Lost & Found (Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z Remix)

A young artist with exceptional musical talent, able to create the most amazing music and with the vision and drive to develop his own distinct imprint is most definitely someone to take notice of. His debut label release, Lost & Found, showcases the extraordinary talents of Guy J, from its beautifully subtle, spacious intro onwards. 

The track builds seemingly effortlessly through a deep, swinging, handclapping groove, into an ever blossoming, journey-like arrangement with a highly emotive core. This is undoubtedly a masterful creation. As the mood builds ever upwards towards deep, throbbing euphoria, Guy J pushes melodic emotion buttons like no other. Joyous, uplifting, intelligent and beautiful, there can be no doubt that Guy J is one of the standout electronic artists in the world today.

Guy Mantzur and Sahar Z are two long-standing friends of Guy J, their diverse and genre blurring musical styles making them the perfect choice as remixers for Lost & Found. Cleverly reconstituting the track with a spikey, heavier (yet equally enthralling) intro, they gradually blend in swirling melodic elements to the irresistable groove.

It’s easy to become lost in the delirious atmosphere as these two super-talented producers work their hypnotic magic, trading euphoric peaks with pure heads-down, hot and sweaty, darkroom dancefloor attitude. This is a musically dense and diverse trip that is as dynamic as it is organic, gradually turning up the pressure, until the very last drop of emotion has poured out of the speakers.

Lost & Found is a mission statement, a superb label debut, exploring the psyche of electronic dance music, asking questions and tasting possibilities, forging ahead into the future. This is a new label that everyone should, most definitely, keep on their own personal radar.


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