Guy Mantzur Interview

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– Hi Guy, I’m glad to ask you some questions for!
What can you say about your musical background and the nightlife in Tel Aviv? Israel seems like a borderline situation when referred to electronic music?
My musical background started a long time ago when I began to play piano from the age of 6, I was learning it until I reached 12 years old and then added to this more instruments, such as guitar and bass. I began making recordings on tape and was writing songs and lyrics and then after 4 years of making Chill-Out and Lounge music I fell in love with House music and I keep making it until today. The nightlife in Tel Aviv is great – interesting, diverse and has a lot to offer – I think that the mixture of the place with the vibe of the people gives it something fresh for an outsider.

– Your style is in line with an old side of the progressive house, which seems to have been fading away in the last years. What are the motivations that keep you still doing this? For sure – as many have demonstrated – shifting into something commercial and mainstream would be easier?
First of all, I’m only making music that I love and feel connected to. From the other side, I can say for sure that the Progressive sound is something you can hear everywhere, all the Deep House tracks of today are using the Progressive sounds & melodies. I can’t tell as it’s something that I am never thinking of but I can give you a nice example: I was at the Kazantip Festival this summer and I heard Bookashade playing and they dropped a track from Eric Prydz, who is the most progressive an artist can be but it still sounded great and worked so good in their set, so in the end it’s all about music, I guess?

– What’s your state of mind when you compose music? Also, what limits your creativity?
My state of mind is trying to flow with it, if I feel flow-less then that limits my creativity and I know that it will be better if I keep working on it at another time.

– Musically talking, what do you want to express with this album? Do you believe that your intentions with it are valid and in certain ways tangible?
As a House DJ and producer the album gives me an option to give a bit of the other side of Guy the musician, like you can hear in the Intro and Outro and in some deeper tracks I have made on there. I think that an album is just a way to close a circle in your life and open a new one, to move forward to the next step.

– How did your friendship with Hernan Cattaneo start and how do you feel to get released on his label?
To be honest, I feel real lucky to know him and work with him, he is such a professional DJ and artist and from the other side he is an amazing person in such a way that words can’t describe. I love Sudbeat and the sound of the other artists that are releasing music there so it makes me feel at home.

– There are featured four collaborations with Khen and Kamila, Stephan Bazbaz, Sahar Z, Guy J. Putting these tracks inside should be interpreted as a gratitude to them, like they are important people in your life, also not related on music stuff?
Sure, they are all my best friends in life and also the musicians I like the most. When I had an idea to make this album I talked to Hernan and this was his idea, to have some collaborations in there as I had on lot of my past releases. I really love to work with each one of these great artists.

– The 12th track is called “Instagram”, is the title a sort of funny joke? Are you using that social network, and what are your impressions about it?
I thought of calling it “Facebook” but “Instagram” sounds better 😉 To be honest, I stopped using it because I’m using a lot of others, so I had to take out some of this social virtual world from my life.

– Are you still running your label Plattenbank? What are the main challenges you felt running the label?
Yes. The challenges are just to find good music and inspiring artists, there is nothing better than to find a new artist who makes amazing music.

– Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you want to tell us about?
As for now, I have made some new tracks but don’t know where they will be released yet. I also have a remix for Dimitri Kneppers with Sahar Z that will be out on Carl Craig’s label: Planet e Communications in February 2014.

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thank you Matteo :)

Interview by Matteo Pitton

Guy Mantzur – Moments (Sudbeat) SBCD001 is out now 
“Cumple Suenos” 
“Moments Becoming Endless Time”
“The Cat and Dog” nightclub Tel Aviv
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