H2 ‘Dig Your Soul’

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GDM020_resizedArtist: H2
Title: Dig Your Soul
Label: Get Digital (Get Physical)
Cat. #: GDM020
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 18th 2012

1. Russian Dolls
2. Dig Your Soul
3. House You
4. We Cry
5. Kill The Deck Chair
6. How To Hustle

H2 has been very busy lately, bringing releases to many labels in a short amount of time. Now they’re hitting up Get Digital with a SIX track extended EP – ‘Dig Your Soul‘. – Don’t be scared.

First up is ‘Russian Dolls‘, a deep track with a muddy bassline. The ambience here creates a rising tension within. A great track to open such an EP.

Opening the title track ‘Dig Your Soul‘, we learn quickly that H2 are going the right direction here. A great sample, edited the right way can do wonders when applied properly. H2 achieves this and more, with a great bassline under and outstanding percussion, we just might have a classic on our hands.

House You‘ presents a heavy beat and, of course, House percussion. This takes us to a thick bassline and vocal edits. H2 raise our heart rate with this vibe, then cut the bass and play with he vocals. A heavy track with a high level of energy.

Portamento synthwork marks the intro of ‘We Cry‘ before heading to crunchy percussion and deep bass and setting the stage for ‘Kill The Deck Chair‘, another deep track with rumbling bass and quirky vocal edits.

Last but not least, ‘How to Hustle‘ get’s us right away with it’s tech house percussion layered over a warm bassline, marking the end of another consistent and heavy release from H2.


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