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Hi Hanfry, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for differentgrooves.com !
1. Briefly, what can you tell us about your musical background and your first approaches to electronic music?
I’ve always been quite interested in electronic music, even from a young age. When I was about 13 or 14, I started to buy my first vinyls from record stores and began recording my first mix tapes. I’d record all kinds of electronic music – disco, breakbeat, house, techno and drum&bass.
Me and my friends started to throw parties together where I lived, on the small island of La Palma in the Canaries. When I moved to Tenerife I became curious about music production, so I tried out different programs like Cubase and Acid… I produced breakbeat and drum&bass for Canarian labels. Over the years, I got to play all over the islands!
A few years later, I started defining my musical style by focusing on House and Techno. This was when I first felt a real passion for the music I was making – and I knew from then on that it was going to play a significant role in my life!

2. When did you start to produce your own songs and what would you say are your main sources of inspiration?
I put in a lot of hard work when I first started producing, and once I had understood it a bit better, 6 yrs ago or so, I began to get really inspired by music from America, England, Germany and France. I’d say my biggest influences so far are guys like Jay Tripwire, DJ Buck, Derrick Carter, Kevin Saunderson and David Duriez.

3. You run Overall Music with fellow producer Javier Carballo – when did you initially decide to start the label and what do you most enjoy about it?

Me and Javier have known each other for ages – he lived in Gran Canaria and I was in Tenerife. We played at loads of parties together and we’d often talk about production, our views of electronic music and our future as professionals in the scene.
Our views on things were really similar. One day we spoke about the idea of creating our own label – we wanted to express our musical culture and create a sound that represented us. We’ve worked really hard over the years to create an original and innovative sound that stays true to our influences, and up until now we’ve had way more results than we initially expected! We’re really proud of the label and how it’s growing so rapidly, and we’ll keep doing the best we can to ensure its longevity…

4. What’s the story behind the release “Hasta Luego Primo” that will be released on La Vie En Rose? And why did you choose Dan Ghenacia to jump on the remix?
Hasta Luego Primo is a really special EP for me – for a long time I’d wanted to release an EP with two really powerful tracks, and this was the one! It was the result of some really interesting studio work… I’ve been completely blown away by the reactions it’s caused on the dancefloor – especially when we played it at Sonar 2013 for the first time as a group at the La Vie En Rose vs. Overall Music showcase!

For me, the EP deserved to be released on a quality label, and I couldn’t think of a better home for it than Terence:Terry:’s label: La Vie En Rose. Terence is one of my best mates and he’s one of the guys I admire most in the electronic music scene. We have a special connection that’s quite hard to describe – we have the same musical tastes and spend a lot of time together both inside and outside the club. La Vie En Rose is one of the best labels out there, and the hard work Terence puts in for each artist is evidently having a significant impact. So yea, it was a combination of these two things that made us want to release it on his label.

As for Dan Ghenacia – he’s one of my biggest inspirations, both as a DJ and a producer. I’m a huge fan of his ‘Parisian’ sound and have been following him for many years now… I really like his vision of music. He was the perfect guy for the remix, and he absolutely killed it!

5. Is there anything forthcoming in the next few months that you want to tell us about?
Yep! Right now I’m spending a lot of time in the studio working on upcoming projects… I’ve just finished two remixes for Get Physical and Overall Music and I’m currently doing a remix for Music For Freaks (the legendary label of Justin Harris and Like Salomon).
I’m also about to release an EP on Overall Music with Hector & Javier Carballo for a special edition called limited01 which is vinyl only. It’s a huge release, including two remixes by Livio & Roby and Guti!
But the main project for this year is the new group I’ve formed with Terence:Terry: and Javier Carballo – it’s called When We Were Kids and involves a b2b2b session with the 3 of us. It’ll also be a vinyl only label.
A few weeks ago we were at Terence’s studio in Madrid working on the first release and we were doing a really great job. I’m so happy with the stuff we’ve made… I get nervous just thinking about it! But that’s all I’m allowed to say, haha!

Thanks for spending the time to tell our readers more about your music and thoughts!

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