unrilis015Artist: Hans Bouffmyhre & Kyle Geiger
Title: Heavy Handed EP
Label: Unrilis
Release Date: 20-10-2014
Cat. #: UNRILIS015
1) Heavy Handed
2) Dispatch
3) Emote, Emote (Beat Tool)

Unrilis is pleased to introduce a new release. The “Heavy Handed EP” is created by young techno artists Hans Bouffmyhre and Kyle Geiger. Bouffmyhre’s career began in Glasgow, Scotland, and he currently has a large following in Germany. Geiger emerged from a farming town in Indiana, United States, and has taken over the international techno circuit with ease.

“Heavy Handed” true to its title, uses a lot of instrumentation associated with hands. The immediate percussion track is quick, combining a rattling and echoed sound with a snare kit. There is also blatant influence from steel drums and hand drums. The song evolves rapidly, building upon the original beat, and delighting the listener.

“Dispatch” begins with quiet tones, a little fuzzy as if there is a dispatch operator on the line. Soon, the static amplifies in volume, and with it emerges the drum track. The song miraculously manages to stay mellow even as sounds that are similar to that of an ambulance siren are fused into the melody. This calm serenity provides musical irony. This song would be ideal for any situation, particularly in groove lounges.

“Emote” uses high frequency sounds to create a circular track. It toys with using an off-beat drum track to contrast the synthesizer. Each note is used to fuse melody with its beat, building the stanza’s up. As the song progresses, the main track becomes infused with experimental sounds through a remixer. This song should be highlighted as it is ideal for any situation whether a large festival or a DJ to sample and remix.

“Emote (Beat Tool)” takes the wonderful aspects from its original song and provides a remix that’s heavier on bass and beat. It’s driven more by percussion than its original, providing a tantalizing track for any DJ to play with. The track is more mellow than its original, calming despite the heavy drums.


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