Hans Bouffmyhre ‘Where I Belong’

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Artists: Hans Bouffmyhre
Title: Where I Belong
Label: Sleaze Records
Format: CD & Digital
Cat. #: tbc
Release Date: December 9th, 2013
Distribution: Prime Direct (CD), Label Worx (Digital)
01. Deep Space (Intro)
02. Fourteen
03. Remaining
04. Comatose
05. The Chase
06. Where I Belong
07. Sanction
08. Dominator
09. Bring It Back
10. Discipline
11. Flash Mode 1
2. Fortress

We are excited to present Hans Bouffmyhre’s first full length album release on Sleaze Records!

It comes almost 3 years after his debut album ‘Goodbye Anxiety’ on the legendary German label Harthouse.

‘Where I Belong’ kicks off with a spacey intro track, made up of swirling atmospheric effects. Followed up by some signature Bouffmyhre style tracks ‘Remaining’ & ‘Sanction’ which have pounding beats, hypnotic synth lines and growing tension throughout. ‚Fourteen‘ & ‚Bring It Back‘ offer a more staggered, broken beat feel, while ‚The Chase‘ & ‚Comatose‘ offer something different with infectious chords and grooves.

Overall it‘s an essential collection of techno tracks, by one of the UK‘s most promising producers.


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