Hernan Cerbello ‘Numbers Ep’

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Artist: Hernan CerbelloLOWPRESSINGS130low
Title: Numbers Ep
Label: Low Pressing
Hernan Cerbello – Number 7 (Original Mix)
Hernan Cerbello – Number 9 (Original Mix)

Our man Hernan Cerbello is back and it’s quite obvious he’s back with vengeance!

“Number 7” is nice and loud, nice and crisp. Low down dirty bass for nodding heads, lovely synth scape pulling us to the floor. Tight vocal sitting on the back line, quirky skipping guitar in the break is leading us to that special place. Hold on… Hold on… Drop it down… Yeah this is a cool number… 7.
Great builder for your next tune without a doubt, maybe make it a vocal over this and you’ll be seeing hands in the air!

Blinding kicks pull us in a frenzied state with “Number 9”, nice playful vocal working the beats. Nice gliding break lifting but at the same time chilled. Out comes the throb of that kick drum again and we are talking quality deep here.
Hand flicking, we don’t need sub titles for the vocal as it kinda talks the way we move. Loving this! As you definitely will!


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