Heron & Dantiez Saunderson ”Option X”

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Artist: Heron & Dantiez Saunderson
Title: Option X
Label: Soma Records
Release Date: 2nd December, 2013
Format: Digital
Cat #: SOMA377D
01. Heron & Dantiez Saunderson – Anthem (Original Mix)
02. Heron & Dantiez Saunderson – Option X (Original Mix)
03. Heron & Dantiez Saunderson – Feeling Love (Original Mix)

Soma welcome back Heron but this time he has brought a friend in the form of collaborator and son of legendary Detroit producer Kevin Saunderson, Dantiez Saunderson. About 8 months ago, Martin and Dantiez decided to join forces, combining high energy percussion with Detroit influenced melodies not really knowing what would come out. In the end what came to light was the Option X EP. A melodic techno oriented EP with loads of soul and feeling.

Anthem starts off the EP on a proper funked out trip. Simple and effective drums set the pace of this track as slowly opened synths stabs give rise to an old school riff. This track perfectly straddles the boundaries of deep melodic techno and the more jacking edge of Detroit.

Title track Option X takes things even deeper into the Detroit heritage brought to the table by Heron & Dantiez. A simple piano riff is given depth by a full-bodied bass line, sparked off with body shaking congas and percussion. A definite nod to both producers respect of the Detroit sound.

Feeling Love rounds off the EP in a more House orientated sound almost reminiscent of early E-Dancer productions. Another simple and effect drum program is back with a evolving bass line and space like background FX. A well-used and processed vocal sample cuts in, giving that Neo-Detroit sound while smooth pads ease the transition into the body of the track.

Heron & Dantiez bring a fantastic collaboration together on Soma that clearly harks back to a love of that old school Detroit vibe.


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