Pearson Sound “Pearson Sound”

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Artist: Pearson SoundCOVER-800X800
Title: Pearson Sound
Label: Hessle Audio
Cat. #: HESCD002
Formats: LP, CD, digital
Release Date: March 9th 2015
Distribution: Kudos
1. Asphalt Sparkle
2. Glass Eye
3. Gristle
4. Crank Call
5. Swill
6. Six Congas
7. Headless
8. Russet
9. Rubber Tree

Pearson Sound’s studio album on Hessle Audio is something very different and it sounds very interesting: staying in the big branch of techno music the nine tracks featured gets contaminated by other styles, and they seem to come out from a single jam session. Broken beat sequences, unusual track structures, overdrived and hi-pass filtered recordings, terrifying synths and dark pads dominates the sound spectrum, making the listening experience unique as the album itself. Very interesting.

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