Highestpoint ”Dark Desires EP”

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Phobiq 119
Artist: Highestpoint
Title: Dark Desires
Label: Phobiq
Release Date: 17 August, 2015
Format: Digital
Cat #: PHOBIQ119D
01. Highest Point – Dark Desires (Original Mix)
02. Highest Point – They Think They Know (Original Mix)
03. Highest Point – Weird Experience (Original Mix)

Highestpoint return to Phobiq and show their intentions right from the beginning of this three-part EP. The title track’s discordant stabs and soaring electronics act as the boys’ trademark sound while a haunting riff sets the mood and the bubbling bass provides the momentum. On “They Think They Know”, things take a cavernous turn and even more disharmonic synth action is introduced as the rocksteady rhythm section acts as a sonic building block.

Closing up with the loopy sensibilities of “Weird Experience”, persistent percussion steals the spotlight as it intertwines with off-kilter programming and streamlined washes.


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