Hiver ‘Blue Aconite’

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Artist: Hiver
Title: Blue Aconite
Cat. #: CURLE045
Label: Curle Recordings
Format: vinyl/ digital
Release Date: 24th June
A1. Blue Aconite
A2. Eglantine
B1. Teasel (Tobias. Remix)
B2. Teasel

Hiver’s demo reached me shortly after I had bought their debut release on Vidab. Since that’s a label I tend to buy blindly, I hadn’t heard it yet, so I found myself listening to both the demo and the 12″ on the same night. I immediately fell in love with the analogue sounding deep techno of the Italian duo and asked one of my favourite producers – there is nobody with a better sound, period – to have a go at one of the tracks. Tobias. (Freund) totally nailed it, again. A very atmospheric piece that fans of Convextion/E.R.P. should definitely check out.

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