Øe “Unseed”

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The Berlin based Arboretum records, after publishing two strong releases by Drøp and Mogano is ready to start a new adventure called Hanami Series, “a special designed object-release coming once a year on Arboretum in the period between April and May. Taking inspiration from the Japanese Hanami, a widespread tradition of contemplating the transit beauty of the nature”.
Fabio Perletta a.k.a. Øe, after his tour in Japan will be the first featured artist of this new project. The tracks of “Unseed” are five beautiful pieces of ambient and electronica, very soft and fine, and able to take your mind into a high meditative level.

Hanami Series – May 25th 2015

1. winter, awakening
2. freezing, light beam
3. charm, hanami
4. uncertainty, green
5. creation, breath



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