Hold Youth Interview

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Seuil and Le Loup are two well known producers and djs from France, after releasing many tracks on labels such as Freak N Chic, Eklo, New Kanada, Raum Musik, Circus Company (just to name a few) they started to collaborate under the “Hold Youth” alias.
We had an opportunity to have a chat with them, focussing on their forthcoming album “De La Club”.

– Hi guys, hope everything is fine! How are you doing?
Hello, we’re great, we both had a big weekend, so a little bit tired but cool.
We just had our “De La Club” release party @ Rex Club in Paris with Lazare Hoche & S3A.
Was a great one !! 😉

– What have you done up to 2014 thus far?
We’ve had our usual gigs around Europe and we were preparing the release of our debut Hold Youth LP ‘De La Club’ which is out this week! We’ve also been changing up the setup of Seuil’s studio to start working on new music… right now we’re working on a track for our friends’ label Concrete Paris.

– Finally your album is going to be published, are you excited about that?
It had a little delay, so we can’t wait anymore!! Hehe, we are really looking forward to it as it’s gonna be out exclusively on vinyl, so we hope our followers and a new fans will support it.

– The title “De La Club” suggests that the whole sound is club oriented, the productions on the first vinyl follow the traditional house sound unlike the minimalistic ones in the second one. How difficult is for you to keep the characteristic vibe on your productions?
Actually not that difficult, this is the essence of our concept combining US old school hou1se and modern minimal from Europe, and we can play both styles in the club during our shows. ‘De La Club’ is also a wink to the De La Soul movement which we grew up around.

– Are you always satisfied with the songs you make or also happened you felt redundant and without enough motivations?
We tried, but not always. We knew what we wanted for this LP, so we worked out only 14 tracks to finally keep 10 of them to put on the LP. Especially if you are working with a sample and you like it, we are gonna try our hardest to make something out of it .

– Sometimes artists need something to confirm and maintain their identity before to “graduate” to a new level, and this album proves that, do you agree?
Yes, we guess so… we recently changed lots of equipment in the studio after making the LP, it was probably a way to graduate to another step and try new things in the production process. We just bought an old tape recorder; this is where we want to go with recording our future music.

– The style of the second vinyl tracks reminds me your productions from 2008-2009, especially the ones on Freak N Chic. These were very good times, what do you remember about that period? Do you ever feel nostalgic?
Yes, actually Seuil was releasing more minimal house music back in the days and Le Loup more sample-based house sounds, but we both liked each other’s style of production and felt a connexion between the two so we decided to start Hold Youth. But still today we keep our individual solo production styles, so not really nostalgic over here just yet 😉

– Do the album track selection comes from a recent project or is it a thing you prepare in a long period of time?
We started working on it last Spring in Paris, we had a week together day & night working on the skeleton of 8 tracks, and finished them in the Summertime. We worked on the others until september/october, picking the final package at the end of 2013. The idea being to release it for the spring 2014.

– Are you working right now on something?
As we said before, we are working on a track for Concrete’s label and we have started thinking about the way we are gonna work our Hold Youth liveset for next year, so we are in the studio right now, experimenting with stuff :)

– Have you got any forthcoming plans and projects for the label and yourself as solo artist?
After our LP on Hold Youth, we are gonna repress 2 tracks from our friend NAIL (“Our Love” & “I’ve Been There”) and a full ep by a french artist Damien Zala from Rowtag Records.
On the other side, Eklo 028 is a Various Artists from the Eklo crew, 2 tracks on each side – Liues Midav is Vadim Svoboda & Seuil, Pap Inc is the moniker for Robin Ordell, Seuil & Le Loup.
We are happy to be part of the upcoming Weather Festival in Paris in June, alongside Floating Points, Moodymann, MCDE, Zip, Margaret Dygas, S3A,…

– Thank you so much for the interview and good luck!
Thanks to you, it’s a pleasure, best from Paris!

Interview by Matteo Pitton



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