Hollen ‘Condenser’

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Artist: Hollen
Title: Condenser
Remixer: Spektre
Label: Loose Records
1. Condenser
2. Total Recess
3. Total Recess (Spektre Remix)

Another promise of the record industry arrives on Loose. Hollen, a young Neapolitan producer, already famous for its various works on label such as Toolroom, Kling Klong ed MKT, just to mention few. This guy passion leads him to founding his own recording label “Prospect records” which soon catches the attention of the best artists in the world and his productions on famous labels go on up to get to the prestigious “Saved” Rec. by Nic Fanciulli with a record in cooperation with Pirupa. Hollen brings his sound on Rino Cerrone’s label, a work formed by two original tracks plus a Spektre remix, producers already known especially for founding the Respekt Recordings.
This release starts with the first track “Condenser” characterised by a groove funk, where kick and bass get together in a homogeneous rhythm dragging the listener off to an inevitable dancing rite. Sequential snare hits give an impressive fading to the track; everything can be described as a pure Techno Funk bomb.
“Total Recess” is the second track of the EP, formed by a very warm bass riff, a kick deep that supports the articulate game of the drums. The Synth rises in fast sequence giving life to an evolutionary concept of sound, a very precise concept made of perfectly fit tricks and automation, which fade in a Tech House rhythm of high performances.
“Total Recess” is retaken by Spektre, creating a more marked and tough version compared to the original. The Synth is re-proposed in this version aggressively. The kick is really impressive and supports an equally sharp bass line. This remix can be definitely considered a great Techno Big Room track.
Loose Records continues is path in style, where industrious brains do not stop their creativity, bringing on the market always avant-garde products, thanks to the participation of masters of music and young promises.


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