Hollen ‘Drumkit EP’

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DRUMKIT_EP_1000Artist: Hollen
Title: Drumkit EP
Label: Respekt
Cat #: RSPKT051
Release Date: 30/04/2012
Format: Digital
01 Hollen – Drumkit (Original Mix)
02 Hollen – Lipros (Original Mix)
03 Hollen – Oplart (Original Mix)

The ever-prolific Hollen makes his Respekt debut with a three-fold punch in the form of the aptly titled “Drumkit” EP.
Not wasting any time, he gets right to it with the title track, letting solid drums clear the smoke, while sparse bass patterns make way for the carefully crafted effects and malicious synth surprises.

A funkier baseline greets us at “Lipros” with traces of an oriental melody looming above the crystal clear rhythm section. Dark stabs make an appearance while the track chugs and rolls effortlessly; a similar approach found the closing “Oplart“. Otherworldly sound manipulations and persistent percussion team up with with some highly-addictive low end to drive everything home.


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