Alex M “Oblivion”

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“Oblivion” is the first vinyl to be published of Hang On Music, the record label founded and managed by Alex M. As stated in the official press release << opener “Oblivion” is a dubbed out techno roller for the peak time, with spiralling synths and driving drums really getting you into the groove. “Only One” is more of a deep cut, with punchy, rubbery drums down low and icy hi hats making for a crisp atmosphere. Perfect for a big warehouse, it really does make a big impact.
“My Mind” then comes on strong with more widescreen dub chords, smeared pads and spoken words that lend it a sci-fi feel. It’s a warm, fulsome track that is expertly produced. It also comes as a Chord Mix that is tougher and more edgy, with raw chords running up and down the hypnotic drum line. All in all, then, this is a fine release once more from this top Italian crew. >>

Hang On Music
A1) Oblivion
A2) Only One
B1) My Mind
B2) My Mind (Chord Mix)



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