Inner8 “Tetramorph EP”

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Daniele Antezza is member of Dadub duo and cofounder of Artefacts Mastering, he started his solo project called Inner8 and now he’s ready to launch his own label: Holotone.
The tracks proposed in the first release called “Tetramorph EP” present an advanced sound as expected, an immersion into dark and downtempo experimentations. The industrial and IDM contaminations are always noticeable, the artist is obviously searching for something new, the innovation job seems still running.

Holotone – March 21st 2016
A1 / 1. Inner8 – Self Determination
A2 / 2. Inner8 – Iteration
B1 / 3. Inner8 – Consolidation
B2 / 4. Inner8 & Koichi Shimizu – Aufhebung


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