Hubie Davison Interview

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– Hi, I’m glad to ask you some questions for Firstly, congrats for “I Won’t Be There”, the whole sound is warm, sensual and engaging. How do you feel about this result?
Thanks! Warmth is a quality I’m drawn to in lots of musical styles, so I guess it seeps into my own music. I hadn’t really thought of it as ‘sensual’, but hey, thanks! Glad you think so.

– I’m quite curious about a thing, how old are you?
I’m 25.

– Age means nothing but the entire result of these productions it’s on a high quality level. When did you start to produce electronic music? How much time you spent and how many tracks you trashed before these?
Again, thank you, I appreciate that. I started using production software when I was about 19, and to be honest, the results were pretty dodgy… It was probably five years before I started to feel like I understood enough about the heritage of electronic music, and what I wanted to make myself, to be able to produce tracks that I felt reflected me in some way. I don’t really think of unused tracks as trashed, usually – more like experiments that weren’t going anywhere. There were plenty of those, and still are.

– What are the main tools you used to compose the release songs?
They were made pretty much entirely in Ableton Live, with some cameos from Max4Live. Before mastering I had the opportunity to run them through a nice analog desk, and use a couple of pieces of hardware (compressors, space echo).

– Is your approach “in the box” or “out of the box”?
It’s still mostly ‘in the box’, although I’m starting to delve more into hardware now, partly out of an interest in the difference in sound quality (although I still think that software is capable of a lot more than purists give it credit for), and partly for the tactility of using outboard gear.

– I noticed the sound of many synthesizers – did you program a lot or all them come from already existent recordings?
Unless I’m forgetting anything, I programmed all of the synth sounds. There are a lot of sampled sounds as well, but mostly found sounds & field recordings.

– Which is your favourite track of “I Won’t Be There”? Why did you choose this title? Does it mean something in particular?
Hmmm, it’s strange for me to pick a favourite, but I’ve probably listened to ‘Yeh Sai’ more than the others. ‘No Shirt’ also has quite a lot of sentimental value. ‘I Won’t Be There’ is what a voice appears to say on the title track – I do have a personal sense of what it means, but it’s probably more interesting for people to decide on their own.

– You studied music composition, in your opinion how much all that knowledge influenced your productions?
It was definitely important – I was exposed to music and ideas that I might not have come across. It’s really interesting, as an electronic producer, to learn a bit about the composers and creators working from the outset of electronic music, and making an effort to understand their effect. I don’t by any means consider myself expertly informed, but I think it was a real gift to hear things that I mightn’t have heard, and to think about music in different conceptual ways.

– When did you get in touch with Leisure System? What do you enjoy mostly of that project?
It was about a year ago now, I sent a few demos to one of the guys. It’s been great getting to know them and meeting some of their friends, many of whom are wrapped up in music too. Playing Panorama bar earlier this year might clinch it though…

– You’re also a writer for Inverted Audio; did you ever expect to be involved in interviews or reviews? Are you still writing?
When I got started with IA, I think I was mostly interested in learning about current electronic styles and aesthetics, listening to as much new stuff as possible. It’s a great site, and I still learn a lot from it (and from keeping in touch with the people who make it happen!). It did occur to me, when interviewing other people, that it’d be interesting to answer those questions… I’m not writing much at the moment, I’ve really been focussing on my own music, but I’m still checking out a lot of promos, and I’d like to get back on it at some point soon!

– Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?
I’m going back to Berlin for a couple of shows on the 13th & 15th of November; aside from that, just working on music, I’ll hopefully have something to announce soon!

– Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

Interview by Matteo Pitton

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