Hybrasil ‘ADE 2015 Special’

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lr051Artist: Hybrasil
Title: ADE 2015 Special
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LR051
Relesae Date: 09-05-2016
IG-88 Mars Bill Remix
MacJulian the Fictional Serial Killer

Hybrasil’s ADE 2015 Special EP marks another triumphant partnership between new, cutting-edge talent and Loose Records. After launching as a live concept at Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep in Sound Tour, Hybrasil was quickly signed to Loose Records at ADE 2015 in Amsterdam. The fruits of this union are embodied in three brand new tracks and a remix by Mars Bill, who brings everything from a lifelong love of hip-hop to studies at the Music Academy to the track “IG-88.” Creative, playful, and infused with a lively beat that can fit everything from club-banging playlists to ambient chill-time, Hybrasil has set the standard high with this undeniable collection.

“IG-88” – Futuristic inspirations drawn from the “Star Wars” namesake in the title get going quickly on this track, promising that listeners are going to be taken to far away places under its spell. The adventure delivers awesomely, rolling into crystalline highs that weld sci fi effects with a fantasy-flavored spirit. The effect is never heavy-handed and remains engaging as it leads listeners along with its youthful energy.

“IG-88 (Mars Bill remix)” – Mars Bill’s remix takes the journey skyrocketing into increasingly sharpened highs, all while slamming the beat above an escalation of moaning high winds and chattering percussion. These masterful twists and turns on the original make for a wonderful companion piece by demonstrating its own unique trip through musical bliss, rounding out an EP that is sure to capture listeners’ hearts and ears everywhere.

“MacJulian the Fictional Serial Killer” – The story being told here is definitely a dark one, but is nothing if not exciting and highly repeatable. A slithering rattle sneaks in at the intro under a rising throb that sounds like a racing heart, racing towards or away from a thunderous bass line. Creeping droplet effects and a hollow gavel effect only add to the picture, revealing new terrain that always benefits from artists brave enough to invent and explore its boundaries.

“Calculon” – An infectiously head-nodding rhythm leads into a jaunt through whipping drums and claps on this track, forming a species that never comes off as harsh, always smooth, and tons of fun. In spectacular form the artist never takes the work too seriously here, making for music that can easily set the vibe to party-mode or intimate relaxation. Either way, it’s a joy to hear and will definitely keep listeners coming back for more.


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